Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving fun

We had a great Thanksgiving- spent all of our time at my family's place in the woods in Yazoo County! The girls had a blast being out in the woods with their MeMe and PaPa. Josh and I even hunted one afternoon together- what a fun date it was for us!

Emma Kate- always the queen bee!

Charlotte kicked back watching her first Egg Bowl with her Mama and Papa- she was decked for the game, but so disappointed as we were!

Emme loved going on the "mule" for rides in the woods- she obviously became so comfortable that she thought she could drive! Few more years, Scooter.

Ansley and Emma Kate loved spending time with their cousin, Trinity. Any time they get with such a big girl is a real treat for our little ones. Trinity came up with her parents and MeMe for Thanksgiving Day- what a fun thing for us all!

PaPa and Charlotte catching some R&R moments in the recliner!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Pictures of Charlotte

Here are some recent pictures of our little Charlotte. She is doing very well...gaining weight...sleeping a lot (three cheers for an easy baby!!!)...and big sisters adore her more each day!