Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ansley's 3rd Birthday

We FINALLY were able to have Ansley a birthday party! As you all know by now, our girls are sick all too often. We have tried to give Ansley and Emma Kate a birthday party each year on their birthdays, but they have always been sick on the scheduled day so each and every party has been cancelled. But not this year- not even snow stopped our fun!!!! Ansley loves all things princess so we had a princess-themed birthday party complete with a 15-foot space jump in the shape of a pink palace!! It was such a sweet morning completed by our family and friends who joined us for the celebration. This birthday party required some special effort to attend as it just happened to be the coldest day of the year thus far AND IT SNOWED!!!! The party was at 10 a.m. and all of the snow was falling out of the trees as the children arrived. It was truly beautiful- little children running, jumping and smiling everywhere- if not for the giant castle, then for the snow!!! The little boys loved hitting Mr. Josh with snow balls! What a sweet morning filled with smiles that will fill our hearts forever.

Aunt Ria was SO sweet to wear her princess crown and jump in that castle with her nieces! They loved playing ring-around-the-rosie with their "RIA!"

She FINALLY got a real birthday cake with lots of family and friends around to sing to her as she blew out her candles!

Daddy was such a good sport and even wore a tiara for a moment- anything for his little princesses!

Uncle Brian and Ansley- true pals! Ansley LOVES for Uncle Brian to push her in the swing since he pushes her "Super Duper HIGH"!!!!

Thanks to all who came and braved the cold and snow!!! We truly appreciate your effort to make our little princess' birthday so special.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving fun

We had a great Thanksgiving- spent all of our time at my family's place in the woods in Yazoo County! The girls had a blast being out in the woods with their MeMe and PaPa. Josh and I even hunted one afternoon together- what a fun date it was for us!

Emma Kate- always the queen bee!

Charlotte kicked back watching her first Egg Bowl with her Mama and Papa- she was decked for the game, but so disappointed as we were!

Emme loved going on the "mule" for rides in the woods- she obviously became so comfortable that she thought she could drive! Few more years, Scooter.

Ansley and Emma Kate loved spending time with their cousin, Trinity. Any time they get with such a big girl is a real treat for our little ones. Trinity came up with her parents and MeMe for Thanksgiving Day- what a fun thing for us all!

PaPa and Charlotte catching some R&R moments in the recliner!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Pictures of Charlotte

Here are some recent pictures of our little Charlotte. She is doing very well...gaining weight...sleeping a lot (three cheers for an easy baby!!!)...and big sisters adore her more each day!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Charlotte Belinda Arrives!

Praise God, Charlotte is here!!!!!

We are so grateful that our Charlotte Belinda arrived safe and healthy last Monday, September 21. She was one month early, but weighed 6 lbs 12 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long (good thing I grow 'em big!). Josh and I went for my weekly appointment and my doctor told us that indeed "it's time folks!" Even though we were nervous about her being so early we had prayed daily for God's timing in Charlotte's arrival and trusted my doctor completely. An added bonus was that the bed rest and my illness would be over!! We are so grateful to my doctor as his wisdom proved perfect on that Monday morning...she was born healthy and perfect in every way! She is so tiny and dainty with a head full of beautiful black hair!

Ansley and Emma Kate met their new baby sister on Wednesday. True to their personalities, they each reacted completely different! Ansley gently patted Charlotte and said "Aw, she's so beautiful, Momma. I love you, Baby Charlotte." Emma Kate ran around the hospital room oblivious to Charlotte but enjoying the cookies that a friend had just dropped off! Finally, Emme ran over to Charlotte and popped her on the head and said "Hey there Baby!" I just love how God creates each child (and person) in their own unique and beautiful way! The girls are doing great now that we have been home one week. Ansley and Emme are adjusting beautifully and Charlotte, thus far, is the easiest baby we have had- thank you, Lord!!!! Josh is doing great and loving ALL his girls...such a rock for our family through this entire season...still lobbying for the male dog which will probably arrive this year. He is, however, looking into all sorts of new savings accounts that will earn interest as we are already planning for THREE weddings!!!

Thank you all for all of your prayers, calls, concerns, food, help and encouragement through the past 8 weeks- God heard, God answered, God was once again so faithful.

Here are some pictures of our first week at home...more to come later as I find 2 minutes in my week to post!

Ansley holding Baby Charlotte while Emme looks on!

We all look at our newest family member...the girls love to climb up the side of the crib and watch their baby sister sleep. We just have to watch Emme or she'll try to share a goldfish with "Char-Char" (her name for Charlotte!)!!!

The girls made a welcome home sign with Meme and PaPa to welcome Mommy, Daddy and Baby Charlotte home!!

The girls checking out their sister again.

Emme loves to call people...she called many friends to tell them that she was waiting for

Char-Char to come home!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ansley's day with Bailey

Our friends Carrie and Bailey Blount dropped in yesterday to show Ansley a fun kind! Ansley was missing her friends. They went to the park, to Bailey's playroom and made "Mrs. Carrie pizza" (Ansley's term). Ansley had such a fun morning and has asked at each subsequent meal if she could make "Mrs. Carrie pizza." Note to self: must ask Carrie what in the world it is as our daughter thinks it is the greatest thing since Oreos.

Here are some shots from their fun morning together! Thanks Blounts for thinking of us and loving our Ansley in this great way.

Bed rest?. . .seriously?. . .Bed rest?. . .seriously.

As you can see from the title of this post, I have been put on bed rest for the remainder of this pregnancy. . . ahhhh! Apparently, I have developed quite the heart murmur which is causing me to faint at random times and not be able to walk down the hall without having to "rest." (And I just thought it was all the blizzards taking their toll on me that Josh had to go get for me at 9 p.m.!) We are most thankful that Charlotte, so far, seems to be just fine and growing even at a faster rate than expected- maybe she'll come early?! Oh I hope so!

So, my "know-only-one-speed-180 mph" personality has been ordered to bed. For the first several days I tried to do too much even around the house. I proved my instincts wrong and my doctors orders correct- totally fainted in the kitchen one morning which made Josh just about faint as he helped me through the ordeal and then started having contractions. What a deal. I have now surrendered to bed rest and learned to enjoy it! Already, I am seeing how this has been a blessing for me personally as I have had sweet time to be with the girls in a more quiet setting and just simply enjoy some stillness.

Thus far, I have read two books (one entitled "Bed Rest" which totally cracked me up as I could empathize with the author on every page), six tabloids (got to get my fix), organized my purse 4 times, discovered 3 spots in our bedroom that need to be touched up with paint, decided that our bedroom needs to be repainted altogether, fallen totally in love with the Food Network, become disgusted with daytime-mind-numbing television and discouraged with morning news shows that seem to become dumber as the hour goes on (one main political headline at the outset of the show and by 8 a.m. the segment is on "How to make your feet look slimmer in the Fall's fashionable shoes.")

One total week down and I am forever indebted to our family- both biological and church families- for how they have jumped in and helped us. Our moms have come each day to help me and be with the girls. The girls are loving it! Our church has dropped off food, books, magazines (hey Dabbs- you finished with that new US Weekly yet? I am now shamefully curious as to whether Ed from the Bachelor has been dumped by that Jillian girl yet!!!) and grocery shopped for us. My grandmother and aunt went grocery shopping for us too and have brought food to last for days. We are so thankful for the hands-on-help that is loving us through this time. Truly, I am at a loss for words as I think of all the ways we have been helped by those we love. . .all I can say is "Thanks be to God."

Hopefully, I will be able to be better about keeping our family blog updated- I certainly have the time!!!! Hope you and your families are all well!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ansley's 1st fish!

Last weekend at our family's "farm"...aka a wonderfully relaxing cabin nestled back in the woods overlooking a beautiful lake where the only things that grow are our waistlines after one of my mom's great meals...Ansley caught her first fish!!!! Josh took her fishing early Saturday morning- sweet time for just the two of them. We had no idea that she would actually catch one...and really no idea how she would react. When they pulled the fish in she stopped and looked for a few seconds and then reached out to pet it and said "Good job little buddy!" So sweet. Josh said that when they released the fish she said "Ok, have a good day little fish. Bye bye little buddy."

Hope your 4th was filled with sweet memories too!