Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy to Help

Emma Kate LOVES to help me do the dishes. If she hears me in the kitchen, she immediately crawls in there to see if I am by chance loading or unloading the dishwasher. I wish that I were as enthusiastic about this chore!!!

Last week, I left the room for just a moment to check on Ansley and when I returned I found her sitting on the door of the dishwasher! I didn't even know that she could climb, but this week, she is climbing on everything...yesterday, the couch...this morning the table that PaPa made for she and Ansley...and just a few minutes ago- the dishwasher again! I am learning quickly that I can never take my eyes off our Emme!

Friday, February 13, 2009

A Few of Our Firsts. . .

Don't you just love most "firsts"? True, some first moments we'd all like to forget, but the following specific first moments of our girls, we love!

The Girls' First Box of Valentine Candy

Ansley and Emma Kate enjoy their Valentine candy from MiMi, PaPa, HaHa and RiRi...very much!!!

Emma Kate's First Dance

Emma Kate and Daddy dancing on the deck on one of our very nice warm days.

The Poole Sisters First "Storytime"

After this "storytime", it became part of our day for Ansley and Emme to get in Ansley's bed and read books together. The story usually sounds a little like this:
Ansley:"Sissie, listen...cow an' moon...Fancy Fancy ran 'round an 'round...Sissie, see da cow?"
Emme: " ba ba ba...hhhrrrggg" (all the while chewing on the next book)
Ansley: "Listen, Sissie...see da cow...cow jump oder moon...night night cow...night night moon....eeee baaa". ("Eeee Baaa" is "Ansley-speak" for The End.)

Our First Swing Set!

Ansley still enjoying our new swings!!!

Eeee Baaa!!!