Saturday, January 24, 2009

From Swinging Wide to Swinging High

You know the old saying "nothing in life is free"? Well, this "proverb" ran through my head this week as Josh and I worked to get our new play-set into our backyard for our girls.

Some dear friends of ours gave us their play-set since their children are no longer in a play-set season of life. We continue to be so grateful for this gift and its timeliness as we continue our season of being "grounded" with Emma Kate!

Josh and Ansley took off last weekend to get the set. Trailer securely hitched to the Sequoia: check. Bungee cords to tie down set: check. Chick-fil-A biscuits and juice: check. Mama Mia soundtrack so Ansley can sing "Honey Honey" 25 times in a row: check. Sweet one-on-one time for them, no doubt.
All seemed to go so well until it came time to pull the 14-foot trailer carrying the set into our backyard. As I held the gate open and watched Josh swing as wide as possible pulling into the backyard, I felt it. There was no mistaking that feeling in the pit of my stomach that we all dread: the instinct- I have a bad feeling about this. What was that cracking sound? I looked up to see my passenger side mirror shattering before my eyes. AHHH! Josh immediately stopped and jumped out to make sure that I was okay. After what seemed like a very long moment of silence, we burst into laughter at the sight of the demolished mirror. I mean really,- what else can you do at this point but laugh?
There was a time in my life when my head would have spun around and steam would have come forth from my ears. (See Emme's hair-do at right for reference!) However, twenty-four years of living with my patient and relaxed mom and three years of living with my patient and relaxed husband seem to have finally taught me to laugh at what cannot be undone in life. I wish that I could say that I always get it, but at least I seem to be making some progress!

After we pulled ourselves together, Ansley and I stood by while our gate and my Sequoia's mirror battled to the finish- the gate won. Alas, the set was IN the backyard. Josh worked tirelessly to get the set up and together for his girls. Each time I asked if he wanted to take a break, he told me in the most determined of tones that his girls would swing on this set before dark...and swing high they did! Three cheers for Daddy...we sure have had a lot of smiles this week due to our friends' generosity and Daddy's hard work.
True, some (including myself at times) would choose in this situation to lean on "nothing in life is free"; however, I have chosen to lean on "the best things in life ARE FREE." After all, we have the smiles here to prove it!


  1. GREAT pictures Anna! Love to see the girls smiling so big like that .... what a great time for y'all to get a play set : )

  2. Hi Anna, I just found your blog through the Meurrier Family. Your girls are precious! I, too, am learning to take life as it comes, trying to not stress over some of the small stuff. Do you mind if I add your blog link to my blog?