Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Charlotte Belinda Poole

Josh and I have decided to name our third daughter Charlotte Belinda. As this pregnancy progressed it was obvious quickly that it was time to name our daughter so to better pray for her specifically and so that Ansley and Emme could really identify with her. It was very important to us to honor both of our families this time around with the name selection as they have meant more to us than mere words could ever express. Charlotte is the feminine form of Charles, Josh's father's name, and Charlotte means "petite and feminine." Belinda is my mother's name and means "beautiful in spirit." Charlotte is named after two people who have not only loved us unconditionally throughout our lives but who have also been true heroes of faith every day in our lives. Our families passed down to us a beautiful legacy of faith, devotion to and love for the Lord- our prayer is that our daughters can say the same about us.

Charlotte Belinda, even though we still have over 4 months until we hold your sweet self in our arms, we love you and lift you up in prayer now.

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