Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Charlotte Belinda Arrives!

Praise God, Charlotte is here!!!!!

We are so grateful that our Charlotte Belinda arrived safe and healthy last Monday, September 21. She was one month early, but weighed 6 lbs 12 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long (good thing I grow 'em big!). Josh and I went for my weekly appointment and my doctor told us that indeed "it's time folks!" Even though we were nervous about her being so early we had prayed daily for God's timing in Charlotte's arrival and trusted my doctor completely. An added bonus was that the bed rest and my illness would be over!! We are so grateful to my doctor as his wisdom proved perfect on that Monday morning...she was born healthy and perfect in every way! She is so tiny and dainty with a head full of beautiful black hair!

Ansley and Emma Kate met their new baby sister on Wednesday. True to their personalities, they each reacted completely different! Ansley gently patted Charlotte and said "Aw, she's so beautiful, Momma. I love you, Baby Charlotte." Emma Kate ran around the hospital room oblivious to Charlotte but enjoying the cookies that a friend had just dropped off! Finally, Emme ran over to Charlotte and popped her on the head and said "Hey there Baby!" I just love how God creates each child (and person) in their own unique and beautiful way! The girls are doing great now that we have been home one week. Ansley and Emme are adjusting beautifully and Charlotte, thus far, is the easiest baby we have had- thank you, Lord!!!! Josh is doing great and loving ALL his girls...such a rock for our family through this entire season...still lobbying for the male dog which will probably arrive this year. He is, however, looking into all sorts of new savings accounts that will earn interest as we are already planning for THREE weddings!!!

Thank you all for all of your prayers, calls, concerns, food, help and encouragement through the past 8 weeks- God heard, God answered, God was once again so faithful.

Here are some pictures of our first week at home...more to come later as I find 2 minutes in my week to post!

Ansley holding Baby Charlotte while Emme looks on!

We all look at our newest family member...the girls love to climb up the side of the crib and watch their baby sister sleep. We just have to watch Emme or she'll try to share a goldfish with "Char-Char" (her name for Charlotte!)!!!

The girls made a welcome home sign with Meme and PaPa to welcome Mommy, Daddy and Baby Charlotte home!!

The girls checking out their sister again.

Emme loves to call people...she called many friends to tell them that she was waiting for

Char-Char to come home!!!


  1. Anna and Josh: Charlotte is just beautiful. She's the answer to many prayers. See all of you soon at the wedding.

    Love, Aunt Rhonda

  2. Anna and Josh,
    Charlotte Belinda is beautiful. And Ansley and Emma Kate look so happy to have all of their family together again. So happy for your family and wish only the best for you.
    Take care...