Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bed rest?. . .seriously?. . .Bed rest?. . .seriously.

As you can see from the title of this post, I have been put on bed rest for the remainder of this pregnancy. . . ahhhh! Apparently, I have developed quite the heart murmur which is causing me to faint at random times and not be able to walk down the hall without having to "rest." (And I just thought it was all the blizzards taking their toll on me that Josh had to go get for me at 9 p.m.!) We are most thankful that Charlotte, so far, seems to be just fine and growing even at a faster rate than expected- maybe she'll come early?! Oh I hope so!

So, my "know-only-one-speed-180 mph" personality has been ordered to bed. For the first several days I tried to do too much even around the house. I proved my instincts wrong and my doctors orders correct- totally fainted in the kitchen one morning which made Josh just about faint as he helped me through the ordeal and then started having contractions. What a deal. I have now surrendered to bed rest and learned to enjoy it! Already, I am seeing how this has been a blessing for me personally as I have had sweet time to be with the girls in a more quiet setting and just simply enjoy some stillness.

Thus far, I have read two books (one entitled "Bed Rest" which totally cracked me up as I could empathize with the author on every page), six tabloids (got to get my fix), organized my purse 4 times, discovered 3 spots in our bedroom that need to be touched up with paint, decided that our bedroom needs to be repainted altogether, fallen totally in love with the Food Network, become disgusted with daytime-mind-numbing television and discouraged with morning news shows that seem to become dumber as the hour goes on (one main political headline at the outset of the show and by 8 a.m. the segment is on "How to make your feet look slimmer in the Fall's fashionable shoes.")

One total week down and I am forever indebted to our family- both biological and church families- for how they have jumped in and helped us. Our moms have come each day to help me and be with the girls. The girls are loving it! Our church has dropped off food, books, magazines (hey Dabbs- you finished with that new US Weekly yet? I am now shamefully curious as to whether Ed from the Bachelor has been dumped by that Jillian girl yet!!!) and grocery shopped for us. My grandmother and aunt went grocery shopping for us too and have brought food to last for days. We are so thankful for the hands-on-help that is loving us through this time. Truly, I am at a loss for words as I think of all the ways we have been helped by those we love. . .all I can say is "Thanks be to God."

Hopefully, I will be able to be better about keeping our family blog updated- I certainly have the time!!!! Hope you and your families are all well!


  1. Oh, Anna, I hate to hear that you are on bed rest. But girl, enjoy it as best you can. I know it's hard with 2 little ones but you know from experience...there's not much "bed rest" after they are born. I totally know the expeirience. I was put on bed rest at 25 weeks and like you, I literally had to be in the bed. Too many problems to mention...BUT...I would do it all over again for the sweet blessings God allowed me to have. I know you feel the same way. Take care of yourself so you can later take care of those sweet babies. Your family loves taking care of's why God gives us family. We will be praying for you, Charlotte, and the rest of your family during this time.

  2. Anna,
    I will bring you ALL my US Weekly magazines and whatever else you need! All you have to do is ask. I hope you are truly getting some rest and know that we will all rejoice with you when Charlotte gets here and Momma & baby are doing good! Praying for all of you and love you dearly!

  3. Hi, Anna!
    Sorry to hear about the bed rest! Gonna have to fuss @ your dad for not calling me. I pray for you every day, just could have been pray-ing more specific. It is funny I read this this morning because last night I dreamed of all of us Gibsons together @ a fair some-where, and we were riding everything. Soooo crazy. I love you and Josh, and the girls. Take care. Call if you need Mindy and I to come over and help. We will!!