Friday, February 13, 2009

A Few of Our Firsts. . .

Don't you just love most "firsts"? True, some first moments we'd all like to forget, but the following specific first moments of our girls, we love!

The Girls' First Box of Valentine Candy

Ansley and Emma Kate enjoy their Valentine candy from MiMi, PaPa, HaHa and RiRi...very much!!!

Emma Kate's First Dance

Emma Kate and Daddy dancing on the deck on one of our very nice warm days.

The Poole Sisters First "Storytime"

After this "storytime", it became part of our day for Ansley and Emme to get in Ansley's bed and read books together. The story usually sounds a little like this:
Ansley:"Sissie, listen...cow an' moon...Fancy Fancy ran 'round an 'round...Sissie, see da cow?"
Emme: " ba ba ba...hhhrrrggg" (all the while chewing on the next book)
Ansley: "Listen, Sissie...see da cow...cow jump oder moon...night night cow...night night moon....eeee baaa". ("Eeee Baaa" is "Ansley-speak" for The End.)

Our First Swing Set!

Ansley still enjoying our new swings!!!

Eeee Baaa!!!


  1. I love the new pics! The one of Emma Kate with the chocolate is GREAT! I also love the one of them in the bed together reading stories. So glad they are feeling good right now. I enjoyed sharing my pew with you today ; )

  2. Those are so cute, Anna! I feel like they change so much constantly; I can't wait to see them this weekend! Tell them Aunt Ria and Uncle James love them and miss them!! Love you, see you soon!